Adult bucket list

I have no idea what to write about.

At all.

It has a been a week of stress and downfalls and a million pointless phone calls that leave you with more to do that when you started. I’ve spent this week planning my future. I’ve very quickly come to realize that you can’t plan the future all you can do is set goals and do your very best to achieve them, I thought I would share my future goals with you;

1.Finish University

2.Get a master’s degree in creative writing

3.Take a gap year and travel and live a nice little cliche life

4.Get a job doing what I love and doing that forever

These four goals are my very grown up, practical goals, an adult life bucket list if you will.

Every person has their own idea of a perfect life but just can’t plan that, as amazing as it would be to have everything go the way you have envisaged maybe it turns out that that’s not how your life will end up. It might turn out that university isn’t your thing or your dream job turns out to be not as dreamy as you thought it would be, it may not sound like it but these realizations give you the chance to start over and discover new goals and ambitions. Something I have come to realize is that you don’t necessarily have to be good at something to love doing it, for example, I failed A-level English and I am now studying English with creative writing at university because I am so passionate about the subject. As long as you have the passion you can do anything, I have met so many people who are studying or working in sectors because they are good at it but  none of them seem to actually enjoy what they are doing and personally I cannot imagine anything worse. Almost everyone I know wants to go into the arts in one form or another and not one of us are prepared to give up our dream, to live our lives as a back-up plan, we are all prepared for the competition and hardships of our sectors but we aren’t giving up because we know that there’s nothing in this world we want more and I think more people should live by this mentality.


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