My October 2018

The month of October is my favourite for a lot of reasons, the main ones being that it is the spookiest time and the fact that black forest hot chocolates make a comeback (that hot chocolate is possibly one of my favourite things, despite my lactose intolerance saying otherwise). So I thought I would take a look at the last month and talk about what I did and if I learnt anything.

This October I started this blog and it was a long time coming. I kept going on and on about it for months but nothing ever came of it for a million different reasons, the main one being that I completely lacked confidence in my writing. I have to say this blog  is the exact opposite of what I had imagined, for example I wanted an Insta-blog filled with pictures of books and professional reviews, I never thought I would have a WordPress blog where I just talk about me and my unedited feelings and I am so much happier with how that has turned out. The reason I changed my mind was that I realized my heart wouldn’t be in what I was writing, it would have felt like an assignment, something I had to do instead of something I was truly passionate about that had my full attention and feelings invested into it. I have my heart set on this blog and making something of it, even if only 3 people read it I really hope those 3 people enjoy what I write and believe in me as much as I believe in myself.

In addition to the blog writing I was also offered an opportunity to write an article for my university which they published, article writing is another writing medium that I hadn’t ever explored or even thought about and again I am so glad i took the chance and did it because it has given me so much more confidence in my writing ability. So the main theme for my month for taking the leap and exploring new opportunities that are coming my way instead of shying away from them due to my own self doubt, so I have promised myself that every time I doubt myself to look back at this month and remember that I can always do it, even if it doesn’t work out I can still try and learn lessons from it.

I wrapped up the month by spending Halloween dancing and drinking with my best friends, I don’t think I’ve drank that much vodka in years but honestly the nights that you can barely remember make for some of the best memories. It’s the second year in a row I’ve been dancing to thriller at 3am and I honestly wouldn’t change it for the world! I’ve already started planning my costume for next year and it’s less basic than being a black cat and a devil! So here’s to another amazing month, I can’t wait to see what November brings.


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