Why change is so important to me

I am a big believer that any change in life, no matter how small can make you feel completely differently about a situation. Change can even provide a new perspective on a situation, it can make you look at it from an outside perspective instead of living within the issue constantly, it gives you a chance to stand back and look at the bigger picture.

Every time a significant event happens in my life I change something about myself, whether it be changing my room around, dying my hair for the millionth time or getting a new tattoo or piercing I make sure I change something to mark the event so that I don’t forget it. These changes serve as a constant reminder of what I have overcome or achieved in my life. When I got into university I got a tattoo of a pinky promise, now that tattoo is not the best (don’t book a tattoo on the spot kids, wait a bit) but every time I look at it I remember how excited I was when I got that confirmation email. Now, not all the changes in my life have been nice changes to make but they have all been nothing but positive in the long run. A few years ago I cut off a very close friend of mine, we are better now but at the time it was the best thing I could have possibly done even though it didn’t seem it at the time, it took me an extremely long time to come to terms with. I have  learnt never regret changes made because a lot of the time those changes needed to be made and without those changes my life would have stayed the same and I would have continued to be miserable. Change is so important because as I’ve said without change everything stays the same and if everything stays the same you can’t move forward with your life. If I had just made some of those decisions sooner things would have been so much different, but the point of this is not to dwell it’s to push you to make those changes that scare you because it may be the best thing you do!

Make the changes you’re scared to make because you never know, those changes may be the ones that put everything into place for you.  You might let go of things you didn’t even think were affecting you. Take the leap and take the path you never saw yourself taking. You should always be your first priority and you should never change yourself or your opinions for the sake of people who aren’t worth it. Don’t ever be afraid to walk away from situations that aren’t right for you, you deserve to be happy so if that certain thing isn’t making you happy then go and find something that does.


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