I can’t wait for summer

Right, I get that we are barely into spring but after getting a sunburn in February (yay global warming) it got me really excited for summer, it is my absolute favourite time of the year. Now, don’t get me wrong I get the hype about the colder seasons, cuddled up in your best, fluffiest blanket, drinking tea and watching that one movie for the millionth time B U T I love summer because I do the exact opposite of that, I am a huge homebody, I am extremely introverted but the minute that the sun’s out I want to live outside and have the best time and I don’t even think about anything but how I am going to spend those months.

When I was in my early teens I hung out with a large group of people and we used to spend every waking moment of summer outside and honestly it was one of my favourite times, I had more freedom and learnt how fun it could be. But the summer I adored was in 2017,  Molly and I must have spent every day going out for lunch and drinks and just talking the days away and that might sound so simple but imagine spending every day with your best friend in the whole world not having a care in the world? Also seeing my nephew every day and having water fights whilst we sat waiting on his baby sister to arrive. I know I know it sounds so cheesy but summer makes me feel like I’m in some dumb teen movie and I hope I never lose that feeling.

This summer I will be turning 20 (honestly I’m not ready) and I intend on living it to the full with the people I love. 2019 is going to be my year and summer will be no different! There is just something about summer. The best part of summer for me is the improvement in my mental health, honestly, as soon as the sun comes out so does all my lost serotonin which always makes me so grateful for the time of the year. This time of year improves my mood so much, even writing this post I have the biggest smile because I am so ready for these new memories and starting the new chapter of my life that will be my 20s.

Does anyone else have really intense feelings for a time of year or is it just me? Let me know your favourite time of the year and why in the comments. I love reading what you guys have to say! As always guys, make this year YOUR year!

Simple Self Care Ideas


I absolutely love self-care, I am such a big believer in taking time for yourself to just feel your feelings and figure things out. Anyone that knows me will know I use any excuse to self-care and treat myself, which I personally blame Parks and Recreations for.

Here are some of my favourite self-care tips for when I’m feeling down that are super simple and everyone can do;

  1. Take a bath. Go run yourself the hottest, bubbliest bath ever, use your favourite bath bomb, out in your favourite playlist and just ignore the world for a while. 
  2. Read your favourite book again, I must have read Watching Edie over a hundred times at this point but there’s something about getting lost in your favourite book that just makes everything a little better. 
  3. FACEMASKS. Whether you buy them or DIY them facemasks are a staple in all self-care and my best friend and I swear by them when we are feeling down. 
  4. Do your favourite makeup look or wear your favourite outfit, spend the day feeling like your best self, there is no such thing as overdressed to go shopping, go big or go home! 
  5. Have a nap or have an early night, honestly, sometimes you just need to sleep it off and start a new day with a clean slate. 
  6. Call your bestie and talk about everything and nothing, there is no problem that a phone call to your best friend cannot fix. Sometimes it’s better to talk it out even if it seems trivial because there is nothing wrong with feeling your feelings even if you are slightly dramatic. 
  7. Turn off negative social media, block people, get rid of those toxic people. There is nothing wrong with getting rid of people or things that don’t impact positively on your life, there is a difference between constructive criticism and nastiness. 
  8. Rewatch your favourite movie or favourite show, go back and enjoy those moments that take you away for a while. Cry at the same scene or episode for the 10th time!

This next piece of advice is for anyone that needs to hear it; DO NOT CUT YOUR HAIR WITH KITCHEN SCISSORS, YOU DON’T REALLY WANT A BOX FRINGE, TAKE A MINUTE AND DON’T DO THAT. Please wait and get it done professionally. 

I hope these ideas help inspire you for the next time you feel a bit down, let me know your favourite self-care activities in the comments, would love to see how you all wind down! Carry on living your best life and I hope this year is your year and always remember, TREAT YO’ SELF, IT’S THE BEST DAY OF THE YEAR!